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Arizona Bird Committee Managing Secretary
Gary H. Rosenberg (Secretary) P.O. Box 91856 Tucson, AZ 85752-1856
Date observed: 
<December 2023>
Initial time of observation:  Duration:
How many birds observed: Age: Sex:
Exact location:
County:   Nearest city: Elevation:
Distance from bird: Optical equipment:
Relationship of sun/observer/bird:
Initial observer(s):
Others who have independently ID'd bird:
Anybody known to disagree with ID:
Describe in detail the features noted. size, shape, plumage characters, eye color, legs,
bill, and any other unique features:
What similar species were considered and why were they eliminated:
Explain previous experience with this species:
Explain previous experience with similar species:
Did you identify this bird before consulting any field guides: Yes No
Notes were made during or after observation
How well was the bird seen: Very well Moderately well OK Poorly
What guides or aids influenced your decision:
Indicate any materials being submitted:
Was the bird photographed: Yes No

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