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AZFO Counts & Surveys

AZFO sponsors several one-day counts and surveys across the state.  Most are done once a year. AZFO coordinates volunteers to collect the data, which we forward to agencies such as the AZ Game & Fish or, in the case of the Christmas Bird Counts, to SW and National Audubon.  Surveys and counts establish long-term information on bird distribution and trends across Arizona. 

Global Big Day Count

On one spring day each year, birders worldwide head our to survey bird species and numbers in their area.  AZFO manages the Arizona Big Day counts through our system of regional count coordinators. 

This year's Global Big Day Count will be on May 11. 

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology assembles the survey results to get a picture of bird population and population trends.   Want to join in?  Keep reading here. 

Santa Cruz Flats Raptor Survey

Photo by Jim Hoagland

Held every year on the third Saturday in January, this raptor count has accumulated data to help assess the number of raptors wintering in this area. This data helps establish a useful baseline of winter raptor population trends in these farmlands between Phoenix and Tucson.  This data can influence future plans that could impact the habitat and raptors at this location.  You can find a summary article for
2006-2020 in our journal, Arizona Birds.   
Interested in participating in future counts? Contact Doug Jenness at

Christmas Bird Counts

The National Audubon Society has sponsored Christmas Bird Counts throughout the western hemisphere for many years, developing the premier long-term database on wintering bird populations.

And it's a fun time, besides!  All birders are welcome to join in. 

We assist in this effort by providing a list of count coordinators in Arizona so interested birders can contact those coordinators and join in one or more counts.  Want to know more about participating and about how to improve count results?  We have a video offering recommendations from our experts.  

Want to know more? Read on here. 

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