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AZFO: An organization of birders dedicated to increasing the knowledge of the changing status, identification, and distribution of Arizona's birdlife. 

 Our Latest  AZFO Programs

Below is a menu of our activities and offerings designed to help us accomplish our mission  See something you like? Join us!

Field Expeditions

A program of field studies and adventures to increase the knowledge of birds throughout the state. 

Ferruginous Hawk_012024_Jim Hoagland.jpg

Surveys and Counts

AZFO volunteers participate in several counts and surveys: raptor and

waterbird surveys, Global Big Day counts, and Christmas Bird Counts.  



Our Online Journal, Arizona Birds

An online magazine offering recent peer-reviewed articles about many of Arizona's

most remarkable birds. 

AZFO Annual Meeting

 Join us for everything from avian studies to field expeditions to

networking and fellowship. 

Our 2024 Annual Meeting will be in the Tucson area on September 27-29!

AZFO offers three valuable awards each year, and awardees are recognized at the Annual Meetings: 

Gale Monson Grants

Young Birder Scholarships

AZFO Achievement Award  

AZFO Meeting.1.jpeg

eBird "Gaps"

Go birding in the under-birded regions of our state, the "eBird Gaps". 



Education in the field, by video, or through in-person classroom.  Our experienced workshop leaders are here to help AZ birders improve their skills and understanding of AZ's birdlife.  

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