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AZFO's Achievement Award Program recognizes those who have made
a significant contribution to Arizona's ornithological knowledge, and/or promoted the value of birds, both aesthetic
and economic.

To make a nomination use the following criteria and guidelines. Applications are due by August 15, 2024


The following criteria will be used to evaluate and rank nominees for AZFO's Achievement Award. The accomplishments of nominees need not pertain to all criteria.

  • Nominee has initiated and/or conducted long-term studies to monitor the distribution and status of birds in Arizona.

  • Nominee has authored/coauthored popular and/or scientific books and/or other publications on some aspect of birds in Arizona.

  • Nominee has encouraged young people to become interested in birds and/or afforded continuous inspiration for youth to engage with Arizona's birds.

  • Nominee has promoted public interest in and appreciation for the aesthetic, economic, ecological, or scientific value of birds.

  • AZFO Membership: past or current AZFO members will be given priority over non-members in cases where nominees are equal in ranking. Those that or not or never have been AZFO members will not be excluded from consideration.


  • Any person(s) in the state may submit a nomination to the AZFO Awards Committee and any individual deemed to meet the criteria may be nominated.

  • All nominations will be reviewed by the Awards Committee. A majority vote will select a recipient from the nominees who meets the above criteria. The Awards Committee may seek additional information about a nominee from the person(s) who submitted the original nomination.

  • The Awards Committee may make a recommendation to the AZFO President for one or more candidate each year, and it may decide not to make a recommendation every year.

How to Apply:

To nominate an individual for the AZFO Achievement Award, submit the following as a Word or .PDF document to Awards Committee Chair Rich Glinski at or PO Box 243, Arivaca, AZ 85601.

  • Name of Nominee:

  • Address, Phone, and E-mail of Nominee

  • Name, Address, Phone, and E-mail of Nominator(s)

  • Name(s), Address, Phone, and E-Mail of up to three people who are familiar with the nominee's work

  • Describe the nominee’s accomplishments per the criteria listed above, and the time period over which their contributions were made

Past Recipients:

  • 2023: Carl Tomoff: In recognition of more than 50 years studying and teaching about Arizona's birds and their relationship to the environment.

  • 2022: Doug Jenness: In recognition of his efforts to increase knowledge of the status and distribution of Arizona's birdlife through engaging the online journal "Arizona Birds," and conducting field studies of wintering raptors, Crested Caracaras and Burrowing Owls.

  • 2019 - Charles Babbitt: In recognition of many years helping to further, through field work and the written word, knowledge and appreciation of birdlife in Arizona, and interesting hundreds of youth in birds and birding.

  • 2018 - Janet Witzeman: In recognition of 60 years helping to advance an understanding and appreciation of birds in Arizona, and being a source of inspiration to hundreds of young birders.

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