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Maps and Information for Participants

This Field Expedition offers a unique opportunity to further our knowledge of Mountain Plover breeding habitat, especially prior to new energy facilities being constructed in the area. Arizona’s first Mountain Plover nest was observed near Springerville in the 1990’s, but little monitoring of this small breeding population has occurred since.


The area provides a good opportunity to learn to differentiate breeding Western and Chihuahuan Meadowlarks as well as identifying other grassland species. In fact, there are "eBird gaps"along the route, so any common species found in this grassland will contribute valuable data.  Also, we plan to bird around Lyman Lake State Park, which is an eBird hotspot with over 215 species observed, as we will use it as our staging area.  Becker Lake Wildlife Area is on the way and always seems to attract rare species, and those who have time can extend their stay and check out the nearby White Mountains for Canada Jay, Dusky Grouse, Clark’s Nutcracker, Three-toed Woodpecker, American Dipper, and others. Don't miss this chance to contribute to the knowledge of this little-known breeding species in Arizona with us! 


This is a great opportunity to learn and gain experience, enjoy the outdoors, and bird with other like-minded citizen-science enthusiasts.


Trip Details

Where we will stay: Camp/cabin out with us at Lyman Lake State Park starting Friday evening, May 31. 

We will conduct surveys Saturday, June 1st and Sunday June 2nd.

Those who don't want to stay at Lyman Lake State Park can opt for a hotel in the area.


How: We will conduct surveys in grassland habitat between Lyman Lake and Springerville mostly on Arizona State Lands (we have a group permit) or federal lands to collect quality data for presence of Mountain Plovers and document any breeding activity.

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